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  NO RETURN V0.15 Survival Game (UE4)

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"V0.14 tested a lot of things in the new engine and all that learning has now been put in
the massive 20 km x 20km open world map. There is still a lot to be added but
we now know its possible and playable. Let us know how you get on out in the
development wilderness and let us know what you want to see. Gorges, marshes, cliffs
and the mysterious underground and NWO detention facilities are soon be added to dev
builds. Donate to the cause. The World Needs a Hero, it just surprised everyone it turned out
to be you."

Wilderness Survival Dev Build - PC ONLY - 64 bit windows

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NO RETURN Survival Game for PC

20km x 20km Open World Map Incoming for V0.15

This is up and running and compiles but doesn't have much on it at the moment. Video Below Shows small parts of it. The detail level will slowly be increased and more areas of interest added over time, sadly the dev PC is running low on memory so there is only so much that can do in the new engine. Donate Here if you want to help
Just now the Open World Map is rather plain but should look good in coming downloads. The draw distance is looking good and we will have enough FPS left over to add in more features. The size of the map is as large as we need it to be and from here on this will be the final game map. Other maps are of course possible but for the time being all my attention is on this one.

Iron Sights & 3rd Person Camera

With us still in early dev we have not had anything from the programmer yet and he is working on getting us back up to speed for the iron sights etc. Once included the hunting can start to be taken a little more seriously but until then expect the arcade action to continue. Once we have the iron sights and some decent weapons in we can start to sort out the ammo and ranges. A firing range will be set up for this. Some of the games more comical mechanics like traps will be added soon, but before then we need some AI running about.
The Stag will feature soon enough as will a lot more. If you press 'V' in Version 0.15 you get a big red ball chasing you. This is early AI dev.

V0.15 Footage - Learn to Survive & Hunt those Ducks

Version 0.15 20 km x 20km True Open World

The Massive open world map is now included in development build downloads and so expect to to get lost. Development will be using this map for the foreseeable future and we hope to have it up to a basic specification soon. If you have ideas for any area you would like to see added let us know and we will see what we can do. Some ports, towns are planned as well as a small airfield for the plane.
Map Size : 20 km x 20km (that's a lot of space to fill so give us time)

Inventory Update - Icons Added to make it easier

Because development is progressing at an incredible speed some inventory items didn't have a suitable icon in earlier versions, this will be fixed for V0.15. A lot more inventory options will be incoming in this release and we hope you let us know if you have any problems with them. If you have any ideas for inventory items then let us know. Keep in mind the comical style of the game will shift toward a more serious approach once the key game mechanics are working, that's why we have such a fancy sun code working.
Inventory : Expanded and some issues fixed

Who is this? - Can you save her?

Development in later builds will allow you to try and save the life of your characters wife, who was also in the plane crash. You will need to take care of her food, water and vital stats in order to see her through till she is well enough to help you. With the world in chaos its perhaps good news that you find yourselves out in the wilderness but its only good news if you can prepare and survive the freezing temperatures of winter. Keep an eye on the forum for news on her and how development is progressing. In V0.15 you will be able to pick her up and relocate her, expect far more options as development continues. In the full game she will be a playable character, not the model in V0.15.
Wife : "Help I'm Hurting"

Gathering System Where do I get Firewood?

Now that the open world map is working more time is going into a few areas of the games key mechanics such as the gathering system. This system will in time allow you to gather wood, rocks and anything else you might come across and then use it in your survival attempt. With wood and rocks comes the ability to build more blocks and with more blocks comes more comfort from the cold. Expect development of the gathering system to take time but in V0.15 you can at least gather fire logs from DEAD TREES and keep a fire trail so you don't get lost.
Gathering System : Use the 'Y' on and 'H' off to switch the gathering mode on and off.

Enjoy! New Arrow Ammo Type Added

Some additional work has been done on the ammo types so you can now start to practice your hunting skills with the trusty arrows. Still under development using them will get a lot harder when you also need to judge the distance and power to use. Get use to running out of ammo a lot as you try and hit those ducks. In a war that pits man v duck and you only have arrows to use my moneys on the ducks.

Where Did My Base Go? Flooding Added

The very cool flood feature is included in V0.15 so best keep an eye of the water level as it can rise quickly and leave you stranded. Don't worry too much as you cant get wet just yet but it will make visibility hard and will slow you down. In later development the floods will mean some wildlife is harder to get at while others become a bit easier. More will be done with the look of the water in later builds and some very nice water effects are possible in the new engine, its just not a priority at this time.
Flood Feature : Rising Water Level, Under Water Effect and Water Friction

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The Dev team is looking for anyone with experience in AI, Vehicles
and general experience in UE4. We are happy to announce the arrival to two new members to the team. A 3D artist and general all rounder have been added to help in a lot of areas.
More to follow on this exciting news soon.

Dev Builds will now be uploaded on a Friday rather than a Sunday.
V0.16 might be two weeks away so that feedback can be provided for V0.15.
Thanks to all those who continue to stick with us as we battle to create the game with no dev budget and just bucket loads of enthusiasm for a true open world survival and hunting game.

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Monday, April 06, 2015




10km x 10km OPEN WORLD MAP included

"Those Ducks now have better AI and some inventory improvements
have been made. The major news is the open world which is included.
Hopefully development will continue to progress and a full 20x20km map wont be far away.
Until then continue to enjoy the Development builds and thanks to all those
who show their support."

Wilderness Survival Dev Build - PC ONLY - 64 bit windows

For Your Survival and Hunting Game Controls 'Click' Here

NO RETURN V0.14 Dev Build (UE4)

NO RETURN Survival Game V0.14 Download Summary

The Open World map has been getting some attention and I'm pleased to say an open world map is included with V0.14.

A 10x10km map is now compiling and so it shouldn't be too long before we can then get a 20x20km map working for you all as well. V0.14 will feature the 10x10km but remember this is development and not anything to consider final. Only once we have a stable 20x20km open world map will detail start to be added and assets finalized.

Just getting an open world map working, basic or otherwise is the priority. Styles and assets can easily be changed for a different look of game but that isn't really the concern at this point in development. A lot still needs done to get the games key game mechanics working, until then expect prototype assets all the way.

The Open World Map is a key goal for the game, without an open world the survival aspect wouldn't feel as real. It is only once driven to explore in a vast area that the game will take on its true meaning.

In Game Rewards are coming Soon! WATCH YOUR RANKING!

NO RETURN V0.14 Dev Build (UE4)

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Development Builds & News

NO RETURN Survival Game for PC